7 Steps

Step 1
After reading the disclaimer, sign up to CoinSpot or CoinBase to purchase AUD$1000 worth of Bitcoin.
CoinSpot allows you to buy a wide range of digital currencies including Bitcoin. CoinSpot withdraws directly from your bank account and does not accept credit card. (Choose register from the menu)


CoinBase allows you to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin using your credit card, but caps your spending at $300 to $500 per week.


Step 2
Sign up to USI-TECH, an international Tech Company with an affiliate marketing business model that has been approved by the US government to operate in the USA and is backed by a major law firm that is standing behind it see documents here.
USI-Tech is where we purchase BTC Packages. Watch the video below which will help explain how the BTC Packages work.

Signup to USI-TECH, note this is my referral link, if someone else has referred you to this site, use their special code.


Step 3
Once you have completed all of the proof of identity checks (don’t be dismayed, they can be tedious but worth it and are required to protect your identity and to prevent criminals using the same services) you will need to purchase yourself $1000 AUD of Bitcoin either immediately through CoinSpot (if you have enough money in a bank account) or Coinbase using your credit card over a couple of weeks.
These are pretty straight forward and there are plenty of help guides online if you need help.

Step 4
Once you have made it through the USI-Tech identity checks, you will need to buy at least 12 BTC Packages which utilise buy and sell algorithyms to take advantage of global differences in Bitcoin price. Each BTC Package returns on average 140% or 1% per weekday over 6 months (approx 40% profit).
These packs generate revenue which you can set the system to auto rebuy to increase your income (we will get to this later).
To fund your USI-Tech account you will need to use your CoinSpot or Coinbase Bitcoin (BTC) wallets (remember you bought $1000 worth earlier on) to pay for the packages.

Watch this 5 Minute video for a quick guide:

It would also be helpful for you to watch this longer 35min video below which is a bit tedious but will give you more info for getting started.

35 Min Tutorial


Step 5
Now that you are earning Bitcoin, you want to use your increasing income to rebuy more BTC Packages. Thus producing you more income.
I set my system to auto rebuy BTC Packages with 100% of my income for 3 months and then switched to rebuy 50% and withdraw 50% to a Bitcoin wallet called CoinJar where I can hold it, spend it or convert it to AUD or other currencies (I’ll explain this in Step 7).
I challenge you to do the numbers and based on your initial investment you can calculate how long it will take to achieve financial freedom.
Don’t forget that with USI-TECH if you help your friends get on board, you earn a percentage of their income too.

Step 6
Because you can now see the results of this process, you can help your friends to follow the same process and you can earn extra income from them coming onboard.
Coinbase and CoinSpot both have referral or affiliate programs that can earn extra income for helping others get onboard.
USI-Tech is an affiliate marketing system and the more people you bring to your team, the more income you will make for your effort. Remember, that there are many affiliate marketing companies out there, but this one is the only one that you could achieve financial freedom without ever inviting anyone else to join your team.
USI-TECH gives you a referral link, see video below which shows where it is..

Step 7
Now in preparation for when you can start drawing out excess Bitcoin for everyday spending, you will need a platform that allows you to spend Bitcoin directly using EFTPOS machines or transfer directly to your bank account in your local currency.
As I said earlier, I like to split my Bitcoin income in the following way but you can tailor it to meet your own needs.

  1. 100% rebuy of BTC Packages until monthly Bitcoin income is double your existing monthly living expenses.
  2. Change to 50% rebuy of BTC Packages and 50% withdraw to CoinJar.
  3. Convert 50% of your CoinJar deposit to your local currency. In my case AUD. You can leave it in CoinJar or transfer it to your bank account.
  4. Use the CoinJar EFTPOS card or CoinJar Touch phone app to spend your money.

Your can open your coinjar account here:    
Note: You can make a good income using the USI-Tech system without ever getting involved in the MLM side of the business, but if you are just fundamentally opposed to anything associated with a network marketing model don’t exclude yourself from participating in the opportunies created from the growth of digital currencies, because there are alternatives to the USI-Tech BTC Packages. For example, here is a cloud Bitcoin mining company.

>Click here to go to my pick cloud mining company.

But the BTC Packages and the USI-Tech model are my top method.

The usual disclaimer

Hopefully you can see how Bitcoin can change your life. Anyone can join the digital currency movement by getting into Bitcoin and generating a passive income.
You can participate in such a small way to get started and before long, discover that you can pay all your bills and buy your groceries using Bitcoin. This truly is the beginning of the new global economy.

I wish you well on your journey and please feel free to contact me using the Contact page if you have any questions.

Yours faithfully

Lindsay Galt